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-bows respectfully- Hello everyone. This would be the character journal for Tenten in the rp community of [livejournal.com profile] last_stretch. If you need to contact me about critiques, plot suggestions/ideas, or, you know, just want to say hi, feel free to leave a comment here or try the following:

AIM: DragonStorm85
RLJ: [livejournal.com profile] tao_empress
Other: taochan85@gmail.com

Thank you. -bows respectfully again-
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What can I say, I've always been a little bit of a black sheep. ^^;

NOTE: If you wish to add your character's interaction with Tenten's past, feel free to contact me and I'll gladly discuss character connections with you. All character connections and relationships are listed [ HERE ]. So far she's only known to a few people, and that makes me somewhat sad. Oh why did you have to be so obscure, Tenten? ;__;

Tenten's Timeline )

[ Changes to be made as past character interactions are discussed and established with other community members as well as a clearer formation of her history ]
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This is for my convenience, and maybe yours if you ever wanna see what she's been up to lately. Plus it's an easy way to make sure that I'm not RPing Tenten in two places at once. :P

No day but today... )

A tentative timeline of Tenten's history and background can be found HERE
References to Chinese Holidays can be found HERE and HERE
Reference to official Japanese Holidays can be found HERE

NOTE: Obviously this will be updated as the RP moves along.
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(Yes, Tenten names her phones. ^^;)

I'm only human... )
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Below is a list of characters that have connections or some sort of history with Tenten, whether it be as acquaintances, friends, lovers, etc. If you wish to have one with her, feel free to comment here so we can discuss. ^^

Notable Friends/Character Connections/History [ Still slowly, but surely, chipping through these. ]

Uzumaki Naruto... )

Inuzuka Kiba... )

Hyuuga Neji... )

Rock Lee... )

Aburame Shino... )

Haruno Sakura... )

Yamanaka Ino... )

Nara Shikamaru... )

Hyuuga Hinata... )

Uchiha Itachi... )

Mitarashi Anko... )

Rin... )

Itoshii Fishcake - Scottish Fold kitten she found in the back alley behind her apartment building during a storm. Named by Naruto and nursed back to health, she seems more than content under Tenten's care.

Missing from the list? Means she either doesn't care, or doesn't know you well enough to pass judgment.
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Because bandwagons are fun.

And also, as I've learned in the past, you can know a character without... ever really thinking about certain aspects of a character. Some things can get easily overlooked. And sometimes it's better to have them written out rather than have it as general knowledge or assumptions. So here is a chance for me to contemplate over things that I had never considered concerning our local weapons enthusiast. And for you to get a little bit of a feel of how I'm going to play her.

Any questions concerning Tenten - be it her relationship with your character, her family, her history, her life, etc - go here, if you will, please~ ^^ Ask what you wish about her and I will answer accordingly. Don't be shy, now. Here, anything goes.

Previously asked questions can be found HERE and HERE.
But feel free to ask them again if you wish. More than likely, the answer has changed a bit.

And for my personal reference... )
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On the morning of the 14th, the following will be found just outside of Shino's dorm room:

Deserves another... )

In honor of White Day. Since he was the only one who got her something, it seemed only fair~

[[ OoC: The container reminded her of a petri dish ;~; ♥ ]]
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Old age and the passage of time teaches us everything.
                                        -- Sophocles, fragment

Another year, another reason to celebrate.
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It is a matter of no little importance what sort of habits we form from the earliest age ▬ it makes a vast difference, or rather all the difference in the world.
                                             ▬ Aristotle, Ethics

It takes 3 to 4 thousand repetitions of one singular move before it becomes an instinctual act, or a 'flinch reaction' as they sometimes call it. Muscle memory is not something you can get instantly, so patience is a valued asset when dealing with such things.

True in Martial Arts. True in Life.
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On the morning of the 14th, one of the following will be found in everyone's doorstep, whether it be apartment or dorm:

A little luck wouldn't hurt... )

With the appropriate note:

Cuz I am ninja like that~... )

In honor of the New Lunar Year (or Chinese New Years as everyone calls it).

[[ OoC: Keep in mind, this would probably only be relevant to those she's acquainted enough with to know where they currently reside. Sorry but those are the breaks. ♥ ]]
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Rule of thumb: a really bad dress rehearsal usually means a great opening night.

In theory...

...Man, I hope that's true. Because yesterday was terrible.

Ugh... break a leg, everyone.
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Early on the morning of the 23rd, the following will be found outside of Shino's dorm room:

And behind door number one is... )

Insert appropriate note inside (use your imagination?).
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It never fails. The start of a new semester always means an extra burst of work. Both in and outside of academia. But I guess that's to be expected. With classes going on again, the cafe's got its regular crop of customers back. Both the good and the bad.

Ah, so nice to have a routine again.

So... how was your Winter Break?
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Upon waking up this morning, the following will be found on everyone's doorstep. Why? Because Tenten's a sneaky little imp that does that sort of thing to prove that she's a ninja in any universe for those she cares about...

...And because she's leaving today to spend the Winter Break in China with her Uncle.

Insert sparkles and shining goodness... )

Note: Keep in mind that this applies to only those that Tenten knows. Because as sweet as she is, if she doesn't know your character, she would have no reason to get them a gift for Christmas.
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Granted, I'll be the first to admit that long trips can be taxing. But what's life without its difficulties?

In the shadow of the day... )

All in all? The long bus ride was completely worth it. Thank you for the experience, Professor.

Now then, back to real life and reality... and a well deserved nap.
NOTE: Subject to slight and small changes from original application.

Character's Name: Tenten
Character's Age: 20
Character's Model: Mika Nakashima
Year in School: Junior
Major / Minor: History and Philosophy Major / Creative Writing Minor
Clubs / Activities / Job?: Clubs: Archery (Kyuudo), Kendo
Activities: Volleyball, Martial Arts
Job: Full-time waitress at the Far and Wide Cafe

History / Biography:

Originating from a middle-class background... )

Third person writing sample:

Thin fingers glided over black and white keys... )

Other Notes: Um...not at the moment.
♦ Has a tattoo of her name written in Elvish just above her left shoulder blade
♦ Has another tattoo of a scarab beetle (it's location and existence currently remains a secret)
♦ Used to tutor in Math during high school
♦ Took art, photography, and drama in high school
♦ Occasionally auditions to play accompaniment for university and/or local theatre productions, mostly during the winter and summer months
♦ Has been scrapbooking since she was little and has a fairly impressive collection of memories in them
♦ Carries around an old and worn stack of tarot cards with her at all times
♦ Is very sensitive around the general neck area and, in turn, typically enjoys nomming on that particular region when in a relationship
♦ Has a fairly good collection of weapons and an equally impressive library of books, both of which she views as a lingering influence from her parents and who they were
♦ Keeps a specially crafted knife on display in her bedroom that was made by her dad when she was about nine; has a jade and steel handle, although Shirou told her that it was dragon bone, and she totally still believes it is although not really, but she likes to believe it is from time to time
♦ Used to have a grey cat named Nezumi when she was little that originally belonged to her mother; it died when Tenten started attending Konoha no Gakuen Boarding School. Although she still has its collar and keeps it right next to her father's blade.
Any Questions: Nopers~



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